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You'll Never Grow INSIDE Your Comfort Zone

Good morning, I hope you enjoy a good silver lining because I had a single thought this morning that spiraled into an epiphany snowballing from an "A-HA!" moment and now all this craziness makes sense, here me out! Or don't, I said it before and I'll say it again, leaving after you read that start of a morning pep talk before 6am ain't for the faint of heart apparently! #CANTRELATE

I was sitting here dozing off, off and on because I am quite literally starting to believe that the joke that I'm a vampire isn't ACTUALLY a joke, I just haven't had the balls to explore that yet, as blood freaks me out. All bodily fluids, even my own, I'll just stop there abruptly, you're welcome, it doesn't happen too often! I started thinking about the price of everything, inflation. Admitting, okay this IS bad, and people really aren't being that dramatic anymore. I spent $200 on almost nothing at the grocery store and still have no dinner meats, gas is almost $4 a gallon (granted it only took my full-size SUV $67 to fill up the other day and it took about $60 before the inflation, so while it seems like a ton, I haven't noticed a HUGE difference at the pump, it's definitely insane though that it's almost $4 a gallon. I was thinking about bills and how grateful I am that I am in a better financial place than I was even last year but, definitely in years past. How everyone has a side these days and we don't feel like the United States that we proudly proclaim anymore but more of a "but, what can you do for ME though?" Instead of seeing people in need and being that beacon of hope for them... and then it smacked me slam in the face, this thought. I almost heard it, which typically only happens in the shower, which leads me to the urge to spiral into another story about how I joke that my spirit guides and ancestors are all pervs because they only talk to me in the shower but, I'm FOCUSED MAN (let's all laugh together!), and I heard in my head one of my life mottos, something I live my whole life by, "You never grow INSIDE your comfort zone".

Think about the hardest thing you have ever went through in your whole life. Got it? Now, think about how it felt like the end of the world and wit would never heal or get better. Think of the hard work you had to put into yourself to get into a better place (Lord willing) and come out of that shitty wave of life and stand on your own two feet again after that. We as humans are so much more adaptable than we give ourselves credit for, when there's trouble, I know I typically find a way to adapt and overcome however I see fit but, I'm a problem solver and I like change. I thrive off of change and I look forward to new processes and trial and error, not everyone is that way! It's really important in my opinion to give new ideas a fair shot if they make sense.

On to how these tie into the current state of the economy or whatever, do you think it's a coincidence that SO MANY PEOPLE have felt this awakening and found their gifts and callings during this weird time of "The COVID" like my youngest calls it? I don't believe in those, FYI. Everything is for a reason and this wave of life is no different. I think that this moment, this very moment, where everything seems to not make a lick of sense, makes sense. This time is pushing us so far out of our comfort zones with EVERYTHING from relationships to finances to social lives to how we interact with and care for those around us. We are seeing the true colors in people that we thought were safe, we are seeing that the dude who has other belief than you is not a monster, he just has a different viewpoint and that's okay with both of you because you're aware of how surface those opinions are in the grand scheme of the universe and our life's path. We as the human race, in all of our stubborn, selfish, greedy, lustful, angry, overindulging, privileged, entitled, and spoiled arrogance felt like we were DUE to be given an easy ride, for what? If you're experiencing a shitty go of it, you need to ask YOURSELF why. Are you struggling financially? Maybe it's time to pull the trigger on a career change that you've been REALLY contemplating for far too long but were too fearful of making a decision on. Or maybe you finally need to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge that you need help with mental health, anger issues, substance abuse, or EXHAUSTION (because that's fucking FAIR!) whatever your situation is. Maybe you are ready to throw in the towel on a friendship or romantic partner, and hell maybe you SHOULD but, maybe you shouldn't. Only YOU can answer that, my point with that one is are you being the best person you can be as well? Are you being a good neighbor? Are you doing your part in your community when there is an OVER ABUNDANCE of things to be done in all of our communities in this day and age and if you claim you live in Pleasantville, I know plenty of communities that could use a helping hand and an ally and/advocate for change, let's chat!

Now, I know I have my witchy, weird to most moments but, think about this forreal. Look at the dumb little things that you could work on, because I refuse to believe anyone entertaining this for this long is anything less than a Saint (In reality I love you for the support, thank you!!!), and I challenge each of you to REALLY start writing down three things you're most grateful for every day, no matter how dumb or small. I ask that if someone TRULY needs your help, even if it's just a minute out of your busy day to listen to them, because no one listens like you this blog is living proof of it, be there and MAKE THE TIME. I have a gratitude journal but, I don't write in it like I should so I'm going to step up to the challenge as well and do it too, you can see how I do it below if you need a gentle nudge in the "right" direction but there's no right or wrong way. You find what works for you! I just think it's impossible, at least for me, to be any negative emotion if I am TRULY grateful. It puts things into perspective for me for the day. My journal records morning and then evening which I like, it holds me accountable twice a day, I just need to UTILIZE IT. I also have a place to write in gratitude in my planner which I'm completely obsessed with anyway. MAYBE if we all put in the work we all need within OURSELVES instead of complaining about things we will never lift a finger to change, or here's a thought, do something to promote change or the solution to something, the Universe and God or whoever you pray to (if anyone) will reward us more.

Maybe, and I know this is going to be a hard pill to swallow for some, we ARE the problem and are the reason life is so hard today. Maybe it's WAY bigger than opinions we are blessed to be free to share or what wing of the political Eagle we're hanging on to, maybe it's about getting our souls right and a spiritual shake up, urging you to get back into church or meditate more or do whatever it is that helps you calm your mind in such a crazy time, and be grateful for all of it, the highs AND the lows, reach out for help.

I wish you all well and I hope this helps shake something up in you, I know it made me look at myself like, "How can YOU do better?!" so I'm definitely not just preaching without putting in the work too! Shiiiiiit, I know I'm a mess. LOL!

Have a great day!


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