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You can’t have peace without growth!

Full moon energy is my favorite, it gave me a little more life than I've had lately which I appreciate. I even made moon water last night. Todays cards I wanted to pull from the moon and in honor of that bright ass baddie, I used my "Queen of the Moon" oracle deck to get a message for everyone which is never easy because we're all so different! It worked though... "like ta hear it, here it go..."

There is a certain cycle through life that you notice as you get old and start to truly pay attention to life and what's important, you realize that you can't get off that hampster wheel of stress until you learn how to manage or delegate that stress, requires growth. You can't fix the bad traits that end up making you feel worse about something later... without growth. You cannot end ANY bad habits or traits, without growth. So what makes you think that you'll have peace without growth? You won't. You'll be bombarded with the same bad cycles of things and people until you grow from the darkest depths of your own soul and ask yourself how those bad things and people got into your inner circle in the first place. It starts with us, and it always takes growth. It's often times uncomfortable, it's ugly to show yourself who you truly can be no matter how much you try to deny the bad in you but, acknowledgment is the first step to change and you can't change something you won't acknowledge.

That always freaked me out about people, do you really think that most people don't see right through ugly traits because most of us have seen it before, been there done that, got the tshirt! Just because we don't acknowledge to you that you're clearly being manipulative or lying or just not being a wonderful human like we've all been guilty of in our lifetimes, doesn't mean most people don't know that but we're just smart enough to know that it won't do any good to tell you because it's YOUR place to acknowledge it. Then you can grow and change.

Change can be hard and scary at times but it's always necessary in order to evolve and peace requires growth!

So go dredge up that sewage from the past, it'll be fun!!! Kinda. Just kidding but it'll be worth it. Spread them wings and fly boo!


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