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There's No "I" in Team...

Happy Friday, Party People!

For those of you who don't know (wishful thinking ANYONE is reading this, let alone someone I don't know personally! HAHA) my oldest is freshman in high school and plays football and I was recently blessed with the opportunity to help out with the team pictures and helping to organize everything with the other team moms and this is my THING! I LOVE being on that sideline and screaming "WOOOOO!" at the top of my lungs like a female Ric Flair with darker features and running around that field cheering them, MY THING! In my zone right there! Last night was our last game ending in a victory over our rival high school and the energy in that place was intoxicating. We started the season off kind of slow with wins but, I will tell you what, EVERY SINGLE GAME they played, they improved drastically and came together as a team and that was really overwhelming (in a good way) to witness. My kids haven't played team sports in years and I was reminded this season just how important the power of a team and community can be, they worked HARD together, they cheered each other on and they evolved as a team and ended the season with a victory on more than one level. Everything they accomplished this year will stick with them for the coming years and it is REALLY important to me document that for them as much as possible, I'm extremely grateful that the opportunity presented itself.

I think when we become parents, we tend to forget that WE learn just as much from THEM as they do from us. I watched a group of boys, some who never met each other a day in their lives, others have been playing together for years, come together and conquer. The ability to adapt and work together, to be resilient in those games where we were defeated and strive to be better next time and ACCOMPLISHING that goal with each game throughout the season. The NEVER gave up on one another, Cam would come home telling me how to sophomores would encourage him and tell him they thought that he was getting better and better each practice instead of making him feel less than bc he hadn't played in years. I feel like being a parent forces you to feel things because there are these people that are a part of you that you would go to war for and it's almost like having 2+ sets of emotions, whatever they are going through, you are too. I was pretty popular in high school but, ended up being the shit end of a really horrific rumor that was given way too much life and it traumatized me. Heading into the high school years with my own child terrified me. I've been overly worried about his feelings and mental health getting shredded at that vulnerable age where you're kind of figuring out who you even are to begin with. You're not an adult (no matter what you think at the time!) and you don't have the ability to fully see the big picture, in high school everything was earth shattering for me (sure it seems dramatic but, imagine LIVING it!) and I was so anxious about my son feeling that same feeling of rather crawling in a hole and never coming out than being amongst peers. I'm not saying that his entire high school career will be unicorns and cotton candy but, I will say that those boys gave me some comfort in knowing that he does have good friends and people surrounding him when I can't be there.

I also need to mention the wonderful community of parents, coaches and teachers that I've been able to reconnect with or meet for the first time! I'm sort of ALWAYS the black sheep EVERYWHERE, I have great girl gangs and friends but, most of the time I feel like the 'weird' one. I wear black all the time, I'm loud and expressive and have crazy hair and huge eyes, I laugh at everything, I'm morbid and dramatic, nothing is serious unless I'm at work and I tend to dress like a 12 year old boy instead of a 35 year old woman on my time off :::shrugs::: but, even with drastic differences in opinion and politics (I only mention that bc it seems to be the catalyst for friendships for a lot of people in 2021) we laughed, we cussed, we came together and we ALL supported OUR boys TOGETHER and I don't think that people fully understand just how incredibly appreciative I am of that. I love the people who just allow you to be you with no judgement, alright maybe a little judgement we can't agree on everything, and just genuinely appreciate the light that you you bring regardless of all of that. So, if any of you find your way to this little piece of my published mind, I am SO grateful for you and your families and the opportunity to showcase these incredible young men's talents and personalities. They have all been kind and polite to me and when it mattered and made me LITERALLY laugh out loud any other time but, mostly importantly I want to point out that they made me REALLY proud to be a part of this season alongside them and all of you. Here's to the next couple of years these specific boys have left in high school doing this! I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!

I guess my whole point is, the power of community and teamwork is important not just for our kids but also for us as adults and I think we get so wrapped in life we too often forget about that, I felt it this season though. I'm legitimately sad that this season is over but, I really hope to walk along side you all on this journey of the dreaded teenage years and document every moment along the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As always, GO BUCS!



Our 2021 JV BUCS after the last game of the season, a victory at home!

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