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The Vampires Stole All Our Blood {A Conspiracy Theory}

Just kidding, have we met? If not, I am NOT into conspiracies but, I like hearing them. Bring on the entertainment all GD day! This is like serious though soooo.....LISTEN UP! {Respectfully}

One of my most favorite new friends hosted a blood drive in her neighborhood today and I was shocked at how easy and organized it was. I do not have the money, space, resources or manpower to make an event like that happen but, OF COURSE I APPLIED TO HOST ONE ANYWAY because why the hell wouldn't I? So long story short.....

Seriously, I'm inspired, and I feel like dangerous levels of much needed blood is an issue. Right? Anywhoooo, let's duet. K? Thx. Bye.



p.s. - The blood drive I went to today was through a local area hospital's mobile blood drive unit and it was awesome. I'm open to idea but the Red Cross was my first thought for research so hit me up!!!

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