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"The times, they are a changin...."

I know we talk about it all the time, right? You hear it growing up from the elders of our crews in their "it seems like only yesterday..." or "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That costs HOW MUCH NOW?!" sentiments as if their minds are completely blown, fast forward, their minds WERE, IN FACT, completely blown! Ask me how I know!

I was having a discussion over bills with someone recently and they had said how their doctor's office had never even mentioned they had a copay and then just randomly hit them with this large bill of past copays and then I immediately after, got an email from one of my specialists asking me to rectify the debt I knew nothing about until that email, all copays. It just made me think about how much life has changed in the last decade even. I used to work for Pediatricians out of Annapolis, GREAT doctors, I enjoyed working for all of them, amazing providers! Before that, I worked for Optometrists and while they weren't quite AS easy or fun to work for, they weren't the worst bosses I've ever had by any means, long story short, both practices would ALWAYS mention copay at visit and encourage you to pay it then and there or make an arrangement to pay. Sure, it's for the business aspect of the practice, of course. It is also for the convenience of the patient though, so they don't get bombarded with a massive bill that, even with a payment plan option, INSTANTLY makes us adults anxious, IDC who you are either. I GET it's a different time with a lot of telehealth appointments and all that but, I still have to make an appointment monthly in most cases, mention it maybe? I also understand that it is up to me to know my insurance and how it works and all of that but, I guess my whole point is, common courtesy is just not really abundant these days and it makes me really sad...and annoyed with mankind. And this is like the very least of the issues, it makes me sad that our kids live in a world where no one is looking out for anyone else, everyone is just looking for ways to use other people as step stools on the way to the top of their own empire. No one realizes that united, we really DO stand and divide we most certainly WILL fall. I'm as "I'll fucking show YOU!" independent as they come and I STILL need a hug every now and again and I literally fucking do not even like hugs, it's weird here. I don't claim it's logical. The world is growing more and more bitter cold and desensitized. More and more people play God each year over something we would've just got punched in the jaw for back in our day, it's absolutely insane to me, and I'm insane sooooo.

Here's my two cents on a remedy, the world is lacking connection and empathy. Two things that come so freaking naturally to me that it's a foreign concept that MOST people in 2022 suffer from lack of both. We need to not only teach our children how important it is to be kind to one another but, also how important and fragile the gift of human life is. How there are significant consequences to our actions that affect far more than just ourselves, and likely for much longer after we are personally able to work through it. How you can apologize all day but, without changed behavior, they're just words that hold no value to anyone. We need more block parties, block parties without violence, dancing, loud music, community, food and drinks. We need to get the band back together and spend time with the circles who helped make you the person you are today, childhood friends are the REALEST friends you'll ever have, and they had your back before we all even realized just how important that actually is in life. Tap into things you're passionate about, for me it's design or anything creative really. Do it as much as you need to block out the world or at least the ones who are only there when it's convenient and do your thing. It's hard to be bitter or angry when you're in your zone. Do more of it until that feeling of joy you get from whatever your passionate about, becomes your everyday norm. It's only when we are good in our own mind and body that we can then go on to spread that energy to others. Nothing is worse than being half healed and trying to put together someone else. We need to find something to do EVERY SINGLE MONTH (at least) that is 100% SELFLESS. We need to introduce our children to different cultures and beliefs and let them have minds of their own. We need to STAY IN OUR LANES when it comes to the spread of actual knowledge that affects the masses, we are teaching our kids that we don't have to be an expert in anything to get a following for misinformation, that's like some cult type shit, Fam; stop that! We need to work on the relationships that truly are worth our time and stop worrying about the ones that are not. We need to teach our children that while our world may revolve around them, the rest of the world does not care. be your own best friend but show empathy to all along the way. They are not entitled to anything, the sooner they learn that the easier their life will get, not just in my home but in the real world. Life is not fair; it wasn't supposed to be and it's never going to be. STOP ACTING LIKE YOUR TODDLER DOES NOT HAVE A BRAIN!!!! They learn to manipulate us long before they can walk or talk, just pay attention and you'll realize it too. "You can't spoil a baby", I disagree, wholeheartedly but again, I'm the Ted of Mama Bears remember? lol.

All of that being said, I really do want to try to be the change that I speak of wanting so desperately. I'd like to plan something every other month to get a bunch of people together in hopes of boosting the morale and reminding so many of us why we love and miss the way things used to be. We can still have it all, we just have to reevaluate our priorities and re-instill all the things that we knew and believed in back when things were much simpler. I have fallen into this place of being as cynical as they come but, I'm reminded often of why I am a people person still and I just want to spread that around like wildfire.

SO BRING BACK THE 90'S GREEN ELECTRICAL BOX HANG OUT (that was probably SUPER not safe BTW, the mom in me in cringing at the thought!) and boomboxes playing DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's "Summertime" and tell me if you still hate your life after because I'll bet money the answer is NO! Stay tuned local friends for some fun outings I'm planning, send me your favorite ideas!

And in the wise words of Mr. Jerry Springer, "Take care of yourself, and each other!"



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