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The Strangeness of Saturn Return

GORGEOUS! I've missed ya, thanks for stopping by to listen to my latest weird shit. IDK why you keep showing up but, I love you for it!

Today's topic sparked an interest after hearing about it, finding out mine and the dates of my first and realizing that it oddly lined up perfectly with years that I was going through my divorce, the weird coincidence that I always say now that NO ONE should make any major life decisions before the age of 30 and why I am the way I am. I'm always blown away by the accuracy of these things. I tend to be really cynical and sometimes skeptical because I'm a science nerd at heart, I need facts and not some rando on YouTube telling me a story they made up in the 3rd grade and finally have a platform to talk about it on but, I'm trying my hardest to be nice this year so shut up, Colleen! STAY FOCUSED! Saturn Return, just humor me here for a second. Even if you're not a believer I need you to admit that the way mine lined up is weird, ADMIT IT ALREADY! Jk, wait until the end.

Saturn Return - "In Astrology, a Saturn return is an astrological transit that happens when the planet Saturn returns to the same place in the zodiac sky that it was at the exact moment of a person’s birth. It passes through each sign for approximately three years, allowing for fractional changes, retrogrades etc."

So naturally, intrigued me, has to go and find out what sign in Saturn I am and when this whole Saturn Return business was supposedly taking place for little old me! Here's where it got weird...

Saturn sign is Sagittarius (this goes back to the time I used to pick on Scorpio's for being psycho only to find out I have Scorpio in my top three) and I ALWAYS get on the fact that my oldest son is a Sagittarius and so is my very best friend since 1st grade. They are VERY similar personalities too so I'm glad I had Star on my team for MANY years before Camden came along because they are hard to understand sometimes but, VERY LOGICAL and calm and not one to sit around and argue with you at all. They are totally fine with not having closure and moving forward and I'm a moon Aquarius and Scorpio rising so like, WHAT?! I'm getting my point across and I'm GETTING MY CLOSURE. I'm NOTHING like a Sag. but, HOLD UP....

Saturn in Sagittarius Woman:

"The Saturn in Sagittarius woman is an independent, fearless, philosophical thinker. Spontaneous and idealistic, she likes to leave her impressions on others through words or actions.

She’s also a loving parent, although her discipline may be strict. She believes in being truthful and in helping others, and these are the principles that she raises her children with.

The Saturn in Sagittarius woman has a strong sense of herself and is ruled by intuition. Sagittarius gives a youthful vibe which can be infectious as well as the ability to speak frankly without offending anyone.

She’s noted for her ability to be inspiring and motivational, though also overly blunt and tactless. Her personality is adventuresome, cheerful, freedom loving, idealistic, and intellectual.

She is the consummate adventurer. These women love lofty pursuits that will bring them notoriety and public acclaim. They may choose to define their lives through a higher calling, or volunteer work.

Her biggest asset is her sense of humor. She can take any situation and render it humorous with just the phrase she uses. Often this sparkling, witty persona is used as a sort of armor against hurtful words or criticisms.

If you have a Saturn in Sagittarius placement in your natal chart, you are characterized by an independent and adventurous spirit.

The combination of Sagittarius and Saturn suggests that your life would be unusually difficult if you didn’t feel driven to do the right things, to solve problems, and try new things.

However, you could be at risk of spreading yourself too thinly if you’re not sure what really matters to you, or which activities are best suited to you.

Often this placement will suppress and curb your emotions, especially fear. This is what triggers the need for “peace at any price” - whether it be giving up her personal wants to do something she doesn’t want to do or suppressing her emotions for peace of mind.

Yet there are times when even though you know that you should not do something or go somewhere in order to maintain things as they are in the relationship, you still do it or go there anyway!

This woman isn’t like other ladies. She takes the lead and steers the relationship in directions that accurately reflect her values and belief systems.

A true fire sign, she is dynamic and fiery. She is direct when she expresses herself and is known for being blunt."

WHOA. I literally feel like every word of that was custom written to describe my core being as a human. So that's weird "coincidence" (which I don't even believe in anymore) #1. The 2nd thing that blew my mind is when I saw the dates of my first Saturn return. December 24th, 2014, my father passed away in June of 2014 and I had gone through a divorce the November before, I had my youngest the following April and found out I was pregnant literally just a few weeks after we buried my father's ashes with the rest of our family, and while my youngest is NOT a Libra like my father was, he is very similar to my father in the sense that he does not give a fuck, "Yolo" is his motto, LMAO. That was a pivotal point in my adult life. It was those few months and years leading up to that time where I started to realize that I was not the same woman I was at 20 years old. Everything I thought I wanted completely changed in that decade of time from 20 to 30 and from 30 to 35, AFTER that transition, I have completely evolved into a more successful version of that girl, the hardships and heartbreaks made me into who I am today. I'm pretty well known for saying that I truly believe that no one should make any decisions before they are 30 because everything you think you want when you're young and think you know it all, changes completely with every single life experience you go through BUT, what if I've been wrong this whole time? What if you shouldn't make any decisions until AFTER your first Saturn return?

When I researched more into it, it seems like these dates are the moments in life that you hit a new level of maturity or growth and that usually always comes after some hardships. I will 100% agree that those two moments in my life, the death of my father and my failing at a marriage were two of the hardest pills to swallow for me in my life. My father is hands down STILL the hardest loss of my life, 8 years later I still miss him every second of the day and wish he was here to protect and bail me out. I miss the reliability and knowing that NO ONE was going to hurt me and live to tell about it, slight overdramatization, or is it? It really does blow my mind to think that these dates match up almost back-to-back with the hardest moment of my life and explains the growth associated with that. That loss changed me but, I'm grateful that I used the pain for growth. I have a lot of regrets with how I handled my situation with my dad in the end, I was not there like I should have been because, like him, I never did well seeing the people I love like that. I remember him not being able to come to the hospital when I had my kids because they made him anxious, he never took me to the Dr., and he NEVER went to the Dr. himself. I get that from him but, in true dad fashion, that experience and regret was the last life lesson he taught me on this Earth, and it led to a HUGE awakening. I realized in that whole heartbreaking period of time that it doesn't matter how I feel, show up for the people who have shown up for you even if it makes you anxious or hurts you. I will say that I never held it against my father for not going to the hospital for the kids' births, I respected it and I never questioned one time if he loved me or cared about me or my kids. I KNEW that. I didn't want him there knowing he hated being there, which had NOTHING to do with me and while I did change my ways some and was able to pull it together and really be present for my grandmother when she passed after him. Needless to say, 2014 was the year that shifted me and it's wild that that was the year that my first return started. Between 2014 and 2017, I lost my hero, my grandma (ON my birthday), I had Graydan, I got engaged to Danny. BIG changes on all levels.

It says my next return is not until 02/22/2044-10/22/2047 and if I make it, again in 12/07/2073-12/03/2076. If the next is anything like the first I'm totally okay with the fact that I'm good for another 22 years. LOL!

I just thought this was weird especially finding this after finding my missing crystal at my feet this morning when it absolutely was not there before, and I lost it two days ago and right after the 2.2.22 portal yesterday. If you're interested in learning your Saturn return dates, I found mine here Saturn Return Calculator – Aquarian Astrology. Let me know what you find out and if yours had the same eerie dates as significant things in your life, I'm super intrigued and would love to hear back from you!!!!

I appreciate each of you, stay well!



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