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STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND RABBITHOLE WITH ME RIGHT NOW! {but grab coffee first, my 1st mistake}


I heard about little Deorr's story, and I'm not fully convinced something sinister didn't happen to him at the hands of a human being but, I did NOT know about the other boy who went missing in a California state park but was found two weeks later completely clean and unharmed playing with twigs and when the police asked him what happened to him, he said he was with the "fuzzy man". OH, this was SIX MONTHS AFTER HIS SIBLING VANISHED IN THE SAME SPOT. He described the man as "not hairy" but fuzzy, "like when you squint your eyes" That second story could very well be an urban legend because I actually haven't found much information on it other than some sites that are a sMIDge suspect but, it's been fun to look into and I'd love to find more on it regardless, fact or fiction. I'm one of those people who PRAY daily that cryptids exist but, I don't believe anything at all without some factual evidence to back it up. It's a real issue and I'm not even a Gemini just a whole ass walking contradiction, unapologetically.

Over 1,000 people have VANISHED without a trace while others have disappeared and their bodies were found but, in areas that had already been extensively search prior. There is one story where a toddler's remains were found 12 miles from where they disappeared, two and a half years later, they would have had to travel across TWO mountain ranges and a bunch of creeks to get there and all that they found was his skull cap and one tooth and clothing, after testing they found ZERO blood or tears on his clothing and no animal hairs on any of the articles of clothing and his shoes were in pristine condition. His pants were found inside out.

One case a child went missing for 19 hours and was found face down in the snow with his jacket and hat beside him ALIVE but, had no recollection of what happened to him and still doesn't. Again, 12ish miles through freezing temps at night.

Some odd similarities in SOME of the cases:

  • A lot of the cases involve children with some type of disability, hearing impaired came up a lot. (Which could speak on the whole mountain lion OR human being theory because if you can't hear a predator approaching, it makes it easier on the predator)

  • Rescue dogs "could not or would not perform their duties" during these searches. (

  • Clothing and shoes of the victims that WERE found, were found in pristine condition (which makes animal attacks sort of an invalid argument, there would be blood and a huge mess I'd assume, right? I'm not into hunting and animal attacks, I'm more of a shipwreck girl as tragedy of choice, I digress)

  • "Several of the disappearances happened near berry patches and boulders, and that in many cases people were found at much higher altitudes than those at which they disappeared." (

  • "Hot Spots" are The Rocky Mountains and Sierra Pacific range, as well as Colorado, Michigan, Georgia, and Arkansas.

  • Most that were found were found miles and miles from where they were last seen, mostly through rough terrain and freezing temperatures at night.

Cryptids? Trash Humans? Animal Attacks? Wendigo? I just need someone else to feed into this with me as soon as possible. The last time I was this invested in something it was the Smiley Face Killers. Also, this is why I'm SUPER indoorsy. K, thx.... bye.



P.S. - I'll say in the case of DeOrr that the grandfather and his friend are sketch AF and when the grandfather kept referring to him as "the kid" it made me CRINGE. Also, I think that I'd go with the wild animal theory IF there were more evidence of an animal attack which I'm not super convinced there is. Like in the case of the toddler whose skull cap and tooth were found but no other bones, but his clothes, jacket and shoes especially were in pristine condition? Make it make sense, I'm not an animal attack expert as I stated already.

Missing 411: The Movie (

Why people keep disappearing from these American national parks (

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