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Shop Local Saturday Spotlight - "The Sheller"

I wanted to start this off with a bang and if you know singer and songwriter, Ms. Shelby Blondell, you know that she is the ONLY way to kick that off! I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Shelby YEARS ago when she wasn't even old enough to drink alcohol yet and we were introduced through the Baltimore music scene, I knew VERY early on that Shelby was one of those really extraordinary human beings that were put on this Earth to initiate good, inspire everyone she meets and be a light at the end of anyone's tunnel.

Aside from being an incredible singer, songwriter, and musician, she took it to the next level and added "Entrepeneur" to her resume at such a fresh age of adulthood. This insane design needs to be had by every single Marylander in, well, Maryland. It is a three in one crab picking tool and bottle opener! Long gone are the days where you have to pull out butterknives and mallets and bottle openers, now there is ONE tool for all of it and all your crabby ass friends and family need one for the holidays!

Here's some additional information, straight from the horse's mouth...

"Do you eat steamed crabs? Do you use a mallet or a knife? Both? What about a cool drink to go along with it? Are you tired of not being able to clean your wooden mallets that keep getting stuck in the drawer? Are you tired of hand washing multiple "tools" after a relaxing evening?

February 11th, 2017, I sat down to enjoy steamed crabs with friends and in the happy commotion of mallets, table knives and bottle openers passing from hand to hand, my mind began to move a mile-a-minute.

The past few months have been a whirlwind full of countless drawings, and prototypes with a patent in the wings, to create a product that I believe in and am proud to introduce to you.

THE SHELLER is the first ever patent pending, flat, stainless steel multi-function, mallet, knife and bottle opener: MADE IN THE USA. Developed by Songwriter, Singer and Entrepreneur Shelby Blondell.

Thank you for continuing to Live, Laugh, Love, Dream and Believe in me.

It's time to SHELL away the Maryland way!

Much Love, Shelby Blondell" - (1) THE SHELLER | Facebook To contact and purchase your Sheller NOW, here are some helpful links (and fellow Moms, ITS ON AMAZON!) ... (2) THE SHELLER | Facebook OR you can email Ms. Blondell directly at

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