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Let me give you the low down on the Tarot, Friends!

First and foremost, if this isn't for you, I respect that and would never push anything on anyone that they didn't want, for the most part, lol. I've always been pulled to the way of the mystic world, my Dad had a lot of Pagan beliefs, I've always been into witchy things and made "potions" with my bestie as far back as I can remember, that being said, I've NEVER been interested in Tarot in my life. One day, I was at the local witch store, minding my business, and BAM! The most beautiful deck of Tarot cards I had ever seen. I bought them with no regrets simply for the artwork alone, they're David Bowie, GOODBYE. DEAD. And then it happened.....I did my first reading and it was so insanely spot on that I would have been terrified had I been normal! Since then, EVERY reading I've done for friends they have been eerily satisfied with what I was telling them, so much so that I decided to try an experiment to see IF I pulled just ONE card for myself, would it make sense tonight? Did not disappoint.

Typically I do a morning card just to set the tone of the day for me, give me motivation, something I could work on, something to remember, etc. and then the evening is more less what's going on in life for me.

Tonight I shuffled my little heart out and pulled The Empress (Reversed). I hate reversed cards personally bc I feel like they're always like the lesson cards. You're not going to have an easy time with those, or that's what I have in brain anyway! Keep in mind, I pulled this AFTER my first blog post.

This is a Major Arcana card which means it kind of hold more weight than the minor, trumps them for all you "The Donald" fans out there. I'm actually going to quote the verbiage I found online because, again, if you read my blog post you'll understand why this is so mind blowing....

"The Major Arcana Tarot cards represent the life lessons, karmic influences and the big archetypal themes that are influencing your life and your souls journey to enlightenment. The Major Arcana card meanings are deep and complex -in beautiful ways! These Tarot cards truly represent the structure of human consciousness and hold keys to life lessons passed down through the ages."

"The empress reversed can suggest that you are feeling a creative block, especially in 'birthing' a new idea or expressing yourself creatively. You may worry whether it will be a success or if your work is appealing to others. For now, don't bother about what others think. The important thing is that you are allowing your creative energy to flow, even if it means keeping your newest creations private to you and only you (and even if they look like a three-year-old created them)." -Biddy Tarot

This card can also signify co-dependency, need for self care and taking care of others over yourself. Its really a call to me to replenish myself and charge up those batteries so I don't burn out. Find creative outlets (I'm clearly a prophet, I didn't even need the card to figure out I needed a new creative outlet! LOL, jk) and connect to your own natural source of personal development. If you're experiencing similar issues at the moment, the longer we don't take care of ourselves and find an outlet that works for us, the longer we are going to continue to deplete our own energy, establishing personal boundaries is also really important right now. As ALWAYS, know that this too shall pass.

I will be posting the daily Tarot's when I have time in the forum I think, just to keep it all separate for the folks who don't want anything to do with the Tarot side of me.

The Empress Card

Tomorrow morning before work I will post the card of the day for everyone who is interested! They really help me to hone in on what my conscious mind needs because I'm typically too on the go to focus on myself for too long!

….and no, they aren't evil. Unless you are and then by all means please leave me alone. LOL!

Sleep tight, friends!



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