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Jim and Amanda {Picture Session}

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Ya'll I'm so grateful that my friends text me to come take pictures for them of their families. I genuinely love it, like, nothing makes me happier on the inside. I'm not a professional by any means and I charge next to nothing because of it, I really just started doing it because I was once that mom who wanted pictures of my family as much as possible and it got insanely expensive, so I learned to do it myself, in true Colleen fashion. It's just one of those passion projects I speak on regularly and keeps me sane.

I met Jim and Amanda almost a decade ago through Facebook and the Baltimore music scene. Jim had mutual friends and we bonded over humor and our love of not only rock and roll but, 90's hip hop as well. He's in a super rad band called "The Henchmen", I was introduced to Amanda and we clicked instantly. She's bold and tough and is very much a "but did you die though?!" mom, like me. She's one of those people who know that none of us have it all together and she isn't afraid to show her authentic self even if you don't like it and that's really refreshing for me personally in 2021. As a unit, they are one of the funniest and most fun couples I know, and I love their energy.

Enjoy some wholesome, I can't promise it'll always be this wholesome over here but, a HUGE part of me is sentimental so maybe! Don't count me out! LOL. Here is the sneak peek of Amanda and Jim and their handsome boys!!!

If you're local and looking for pictures in a pinch I may be able to help or point you in the direction of a photographer to fit your needs!

Happy Holidays and Happy Memory Making!!!



UPDATE! Heres the full session

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