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If you're going through Hell....

Just disassociate from your passions and wild out with your demons for a minute before you realize that this is all a test and you're in the midst of a spiritual ascension and you better get your shit together, then circle back to your passions super attuned and ready to heal the world... or whatever that country song says!

Welcome BACK, AMIRIGHT? Sheesh, I love Neurodivergence and spiritual awakenings...not. I don't even know the last post on here but, I'm sure it was a doozy per the norm.

Can we like, quickly address the fact that I feel like looking back now on the time from my last post to this one I have literally been beat the fuck up by the universe at least twice that I remember? Like, I was FORCED to make moves and do shit I didn't want to do, and it was not for the faint of heart. I like my husband again (I know, who am I and what have I done with Colleen?) and he's made insanely big moves I'm proud of him for. I became Ordained, at first because I was bored then I quickly realized how honored I'd be to marry or bury someone. I've also become more intuitive than ever before. I'm still into Tarot and have increased my deck from 1 to 17, I use them all for different things and different people and pull cards daily and I really seem to be helping people with it so of course, I'm all over it. So, if you need someone who is extremely open minded but, can be traditional should you need that for your special moments in life, I'm your gal! I really enjoy combining traditional and contemporary to capture the full essence of people and who they are and not making it the average ceremony but, personal and custom fit for the individual. I do the same with Tarot honestly, I'm big on writing everything down and make it super custom to the person because it should be. I use the traditional meaning of the card mixed with my own intuition, I may ask questions as I pull the cards just to make sure I should keep pulling and I haven't had a person not be mind blown even when I'm all "Yeah they're about to tell me I'm crazy...." and I never am. I can't even believe it sometimes. I've guessed people separating who hadn't announced it yet, I can always tell when my girls are unhappy and why, I'm never a fan favorite of the husbands but, fair. Anywhooo.... I'm really enjoying giving back to those in need and my friends on the daily and have really fell into some fantastic support groups as well who all share common interests and just build up one another. and we all need that right now, I'll speak for all of us because I'm a bossy Virgo.

Since I've been living the scene in "Liar, Liar" when Jim Carrey kicks his own ass since the last time I've rambled (unless you're on my Facebook then you're just a Glutton for punishment at this point), tell me something good! Tell me something bad! What have you been struggling with and what makes you smile these days? Most importantly, how can I help? If it's not my area of expertise, I am surrounded by incredible healers these days and they all have helped me heal from this interplanetary ass whoopin too!!! Reach out to me in the month of April for a free three card reading just for entertaining this C.Rae shit.

I love ya'll so much and I hope you're seeing the brightest light at the end of the tunnel and that it isn't the spiritual Japanese Bullet Train that hit me! {SLIGHT over-dramatization}

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