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Good spirits always live on in everyone who loved them...

Happy Friday! another work week down and I hope you're faring well during the holiday season; I'm hit or miss but this is the very first year where I'm not struggling to enjoy the season because I'm so anxious and worried about pulling off Christmas (for us) so that's cool.

I wanted to take a second to reflect on the life of this man with the Mt. Saint Joe fundraiser approaching. I remember when his life was taken, much too soon, for no reason at all really. I didn't know him personally but when he was taken from this world, it felt like EVERY person I knew, knew and loved him. He was described by people I know and respect as a light in this world, a heart of gold with a great sense of humor and a people person whose personality was magnetic and as intoxicating as the drinks he'd sling around for the patrons of Baltimore City, a giver. It always makes me really sad when I realize that I've missed the opportunity to meet someone I know I would have really enjoyed being around, it makes me even more sad when so many people I care for are hurting because of senseless violence and will forever have a void because of cowardly individuals.

Like ALL legends though, Mr. Wroblewski's spirit lives on forever thanks to the people and community who loved and embraced him and there is a really cool opportunity to give back in the name of the peacemakers of the world who have been taken from us too soon but, continue to make a change even after leaving this physical world. If you're free, I highly recommend you stop in even if you didn't know him, support a community that did and spread some love in honor of the "Unofficial Mayor of South Baltimore".

Facebook Event - Alex "ALBO" Wroblewski MSJ Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser | Facebook

Sentences Issued in the Murder of Locust Point Resident Alexander Wroblewski (

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