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For Dust We Are and to Dust We Shall Return...

First and foremost, it's my best friend's birthday Ya'll!!! The BIG 3-5 never looked so good....on a blonde, LMAO. We have been best friends since 1st grade, you never found one without the other. We've been through the deaths of our fathers together, I watched her give birth to her second daughter, I've seen her naked more times than any other human on the planet probably, my ace. We go forever without talking or seeing each other but when something bad happens she's the first person I call to tell. She was an only child, and I grew up basically an only child because all of my siblings we're all old enough to be my parents with the exception of my mom's daughter who is still eight years older than me. We were all we had, and we took full advantage of it. Her family took me everywhere with them and then as teens we ran amuck and did ridiculous things that should have landed us somewhere other than here but, someone was looking out for us! She had her oldest in HS then did everything else right, I didn't have a baby in HS and then did everything else wrong. I had the ideas, and she was down for whatever. The yin to my yang, light to my dark, my best friend. When we were in Elementary school, we started a rumor that we were cousins after watching "Night at the Roxbury", we would jokingly laugh behind everyone's back about it too and be like "Are you guys' cousins?!" "NO!", "Yes!", "MAN!", that's LITERALLY how this rumor started and still how my mind works at 35 years old, and you know people still believe it to this day? At this point were closer than cousins, that bitch is my soul mate! Happy Birthday, Star! I love you!!! Now to the next topic of the day! Have you ever had things happen in your life that are too weird to explain? Here's one of my examples...

My Poppy died when I was around 16 years old, he died on November 9th that year and I know that and will never forget that because it was also his birthday. Since then, I've had this "coincidence" happen and every person who I had an unconditional love type connection with dies on or right near important days for me. Next was my dad who passed away two days after my current husband's birthday and two days BEFORE Father's Day. Then my grandma who died on MY birthday. Also, Camden (my oldest) was born on Thanksgiving Day the year he was born and my younger two have April Birthdays, two. days. apart. My Godmother had a twin and they died three days (I think) a part. My sister and cousin (both on my mom's side, who I grew up with in the same household both have the SAME birthday, ONE year apart). My other sister and cousin (Dads side) passed away last year one or two days apart from COVID on opposite sides of the country. I was due on my father's birthday, but my mother had c-sections, so I came 11 days early, we were almost EXACTLY 50 years apart had I come on his birthday. Now, the latest, my brother Ray passed away 5 years ago already, today. On my best friend's birthday.

If you don't believe that everything is connected, I have no idea how. I feel like these days give me the opportunity to really be grateful for the individuals that this day represents, it's almost like they refuse to be forgotten so they know to pick days I can't forget. I'm personally HONORED to share my day with the spirit and memory of the woman who raised me. So tonight, I will tell my bestie I'm proud of her and I love her and light up a patchouli incense for my spiritual hippie "Bruder" who is still very much with me in spirit every single day of my life. To my brother Ray, thank you for always loving me unconditionally and for the way you and Larry have ALWAYS protected me as your baby sister. My brothers have NEVER judged me, I've always been closer to them, they get me and if they don't, they don't try to make me feel bad or change me and I appreciate that. I could not be prouder to be their sister and Star's best friend.

The weekend is approaching quickly, take care and be safe!!!



e them and

New Generation of trouble!

My Bruder

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