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Ever wonder what happened to the grandpa from Hey, Arnold? Corey has...

My DM's are like none other, I really don't get anything weird or gross its typically just funny friends sending me their rando thoughts and they make me laugh so, I figured we could all use a laugh in 2021 and he said to share it so here we are! AFTER you get past how silly this is, I want your honest feedback! Only my friends can turn fictional characters into something dark and weird, LMAO!!!!!

Theory that the grandpa from Hey, Arnold! and the gross old man neighbor on Family Guy are the same person, in the words of my friend Corey....

"So, I’m watching hey Arnold and I was saying to myself whatever happened to hey Arnold when they got older? I say they all got older even grandpa. So, Arnold went to drugs real heavy pills n drinking bc the grandpa was touching on him. He started seeing things like the Catholic Church was in trouble for the same thing. He told Helga. She believed him cause her mom was an alcoholic so she could read it on Arnold's face.

Now remember the cop on family guy. He was shot bc the grandpa on hey Arnold saw him shot Gerald n the grandfather shot him in the back n paralyzed him. No one knew but those three. But the grandpa was smart enough to say I won’t say wat I saw if we can move past this, they made the cop from family guy a hero because he had the gun to prove Gerald raised up against him [BLM, smh] so they gave the old man a show n called him the family guy, but he didn’t want no one to know he was still alive, so they made the family guy about his neighbors."

If you don't have any input, I have no faith left in humanity. LMAO!!!!

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