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Baltimore, Babe! Born and Raised.

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People have told me for YEARS to make a blog or podcast because I'm pretty obnoxiously funny if I do say so myself so, here we are! When the COVID pandemic hit I really needed to figure out new ways to express my thoughts and feelings and opinions freely, without interruption or debate all the time (which I'm also ALWAYS down for a respectful debate though, don't count me out of that)!  My only goal in this life here on Earth is to motivate, Heal, empower, inspire and leave you laughing as the best version of yourself! So here we are, a place where all my passion projects that hold me together, collide. Further than laughs, I'm an ordained eclectic light seeker and empath that is highly intuitive and it is my passion to do what I can to heal anyone who is suffering, if I'm able.

it's about time my shopping addiction, witchy ways and ADHD social butterfly-ism paid off in more ways that just getting in trouble for talking too much or being the "weirdo"!

Most importantly, I'm ALWAYS looking for a good way to give back, if you have any collaborative ideas, you could use me for, please reach out!




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